About us

Our story

AAGAARD NIELSENS MASKINFABRIK A/S was established in 1964 as a subcontractor within motor production for ventilation. During the 1990s, we increasingly focused on our machining business, and since 2001 our focus has been on growth in this area, which today represents our largest and primary business area.

This has resulted in an expanded customer portfolio and larger business partnerships with individual customers. We have 25-30 employees, mostly technicians and operators, working 2-3 shifts.

Our customers and industries

We have a broad customer portfolio consisting primarily of large Danish companies and their foreign subsidiaries. We supply many different industries, including agriculture, food, industry, construction and more. Regardless of industry, our goal is always to deliver solutions that are customized and meet our customers’ specific needs.

Our goal

Our goal is continued development and growth within our machining business.

We believe that our focus on quality, flexibility, loyalty and price will continue to enable us to build close and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure we can continue to deliver the best and most competitive products to our customers. We believe that our dedicated employees and our modern, high-tech machinery are the key to our continued success.

We value our good and close collaboration with our customers, which enables us to ensure our continued development and improve our machining solutions.

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When you choose us as your partner, you can expect high-quality solutions – every time.